Introduction to massage

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Massage is a form of structured touch. The hands, or sometimes other parts, such as the forearms or elbows, are used to glide over the skin and apply pressure to the underlying muscle in a series of movements that involve variously stroking, rubbing, kneading and pressing. It can be either smoothing or stimulating, and when used in conjuction with a focus on energy , can affect the body, mind, spirit and emotions.


Massage is an ancient, revered art that has been practiced for centuries.

It stimulates and encourage the body to carry out it’s normal functions.


The therapeutic benefits produced by massage include loosening of muscular tension, toning and firming the muscle, and stimulating the circulation of the blood and lymph.


Massage affects nerves as well as muscles. The stimulation of sensory nerve endings in the skin is relayed to the brain via the central nervous system. This acts on the automatic nervous system to produce a general feeling of relaxation and helps reduce the effects of stress. The relaxation process in turn produces a more natural abdominal breathing pattern which is vital for the functioning of the abdominal organs.


Stress and fatigue, caused by accumulation of waste products, can be reduced, and the metabolic process made more effective. The nervous system also controls the vascular system. A lack of vascular supply results in decreased efficiency in drainage and supply of blood. Stimulation via massage boosts lymph drainage and increase circulation, at the same time improving the appearance of skin. This has a positive psychological effect.


Massage helps the body restore its natural balance and is an excellent preventative!

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