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Tantric orgasms

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It is generally believed that females are capable of having three types of orgasms — clitoral, vaginal, and blended — and males experience a single, more general type of orgasm.  Tantra introduces a different type of orgasm available to both males and females — the “energy” or “heart” orgasm.  Tantra preaches being “in your heart” at all times, meaning being aware of the positivity and erotic energy inside of yourself, and suggests that it is possible to transform these blissful feelings into a full-body orgasmic state of being.

Massage and Meditate – Take at least one hour to exchange full-body massages with your partner. They can include some genital stimulation but not intercourse.  Focus on fully giving and receiving.   With one hand on your partner’s lower back and the other between their shoulder blades, and have them hold you in the same way.  Stay like this for five minutes, and focus on syncing your breathing with each other.  By connecting in these non-sexual ways, you and your partner may be able to find new sources of pleasure and better understand how to interact both inside and outside of the bedroom