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London Tantric Massage

tantric massage London

In a Tantra massage session, your whole body is touched with total attentiveness, sensitivity and love.

The person giving the massage will be fully or nearly naked. So there can emerge an open and natural space for a meeting beyond the mainstream ideas of masculinity, femininity and the sexuality defined by society.

In this honest atmosphere you can let your masks of everyday life just fade away. You are welcome with all your needs and emotions and a feeling of wholeness can blossom.

Tantra massages are special because you are revered in your femininity or masculinity – not just to arouse you, but rather to liberate without intention. In this way you can come back to yourself and feel that you are whole and perfect.

Body and Soul ( tantric massage London)

tantric massage London

Deep inside we look for acceptance and loving care and touch. 

Allowing another person to touch you in such an emotional depth, in an intensity which helps you dare to relinquish self-control step by step and start to rely on the waves of your feelings and sentiments, requires trust, based on absolute appreciation and acceptance as well as on the professionalism of the provider.

The worship and the feeling of security which you will experience in the course of my Tantric massage will give you the confidence needed to feel ready and safe enough for a unique sensual experience. 

In calmness and relaxation your needs and wishes will be satisfied resting upon underlying circumstances which will widen and deepen your sensitivity and your impression of sexuality. These inspiring experiences will be yours forever. You might integrate them into your every-day-life and your relationships. You will be able to communicate them with affinity in a very natural way and they will enrich your private life tremendously.